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Ht done.



Well I am very happy with the service and results I had. I have not taken loads of pics due to not having much battery left on my phone. So I will give a little description of the day and days after.

Left hotel about 6.30 to make sure I'am at clinic for 7.30am. Get there and do the paperwork. Dr Rahal draws on his plan and we agree that ok. So having get the injections (a little discomfort but def no pain at all). The worse part is hearing the strip being cut out which will remain with me for a long time. So all I can describe the pain threashold as being as if someone ihas a helmet on your head and someone is pressing down on it and thats it.

15.00 op finshed and bit of food and stand up and a little unsteady but able to walk to the toilet ok. That night had medium pain strength pain killers and had a patchy sleep.

Day after went back to clinic and had ht looked at, Dr Rahal said everything looked good so very happy with that. Having to wear a surgical hat is embarrising so not going out in public but could have it wanted to. The next couple of nights sleeping got a lot better but again patchy so havent had a perfect sleep till last night (Sat) 3days after the opp. Swelling came more prevalient on the 3rd day but due to flying back which would'nt have helped. The days after could'nt feel any so thought I was not going to get any but it has come up.

Scar and head looks ok and no pain but just a feeling equivelent to having a bunged up headache with a cold. Just cant wait to have the stiches out now so scar not so noticable.

I am loving looking at the result in the mirror and very happy at the moment with my decision to go ahead only problem when they shed be gutted but I know its part of the process so just can't wait for the next few months to go by.




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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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