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2 weeks to Surgery





So I'm still extremely excited that I'm doing this. But, I guess you can say the nerves are starting to increase. it's the unknown YET the known of what is going to be done. I've done all the research on my DR..and I'm really comfortable with him. Just going into this and not being able to see how it's going to look or the results for 6 months to a year SUX!!! I know patience is a virtue but patience BLOWS! That's it for now!


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p.s. i hope that doesn't sound too whiney...I'm just venting to relax the nerves! I wonder how many people feel the same way?

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Well you've certainly chosen an excellent physician to perform your hair transplant. When is the big day officially?


It does take awhile to see the results after the procedure and the wait isn't always easy. But it's an amazing feeling once the results finally grow in and you realize that you have hair again :-).


I hope you'll share your experience and photos on this community, especially our popular hair loss discussion forum.


Best wishes in restoring your hair,


Bill (Falceros)

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Hey Bill,


Thanks for the positive feed back.

The big day is the 22nd. A week from Monday.

I'll post stom pre photos next week and once the procedure is done i plan on posting quite a bit. I won't have much to do but kill some time!

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So the big day is coming up. Right on! Dr. Arocha will take excellent care of you.


I also encourage you to post the big news about your upcoming procedure on our hair loss forum in the "Hair Transplant Experiences and Surgeon Reviews" section to maximize feedback and support from our members.


Best wishes in your upcoming procedure!


Bill (Falceros)

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