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Day 154 - five months on



Another month passes on the roller coaster of emotions that is my post-HT recovery.

First, my positive thoughts. Broadly, I think I've made steady if unspectacular progress since early September, particularly on the right temple. My hair looks more normal from the front now, though it is still thin. And I can see a few shorter hairs that will thicken things up further when they get longer.

But I've had plenty of negative thoughts too. I was hoping to be further ahead at the five month mark, but my hair still looks thinner than pre op.

The left temple is very sparse, as is the front. Does this mean the transplanted hairs have not taken very well in these areas?

The hair in the recipient area is much thicker further back, leaving me to wonder how much of this is native hair which has regrown after shock loss - rather than transplanted hair.

The pimples have largely stopped appearing. This is good from an aesthetic viewpoint, but part of me worries that this means the regrowth phase is now over.

I still realise it's early days, and hoping that I have plenty of progress ahead of me still.

But as I say, emotionally it leaves me feeling a bit up and down.



Front left (hair brushed back)


Front right (hair brushed back)






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I'm sorry that you aren't seeing the growth you were hoping for at 5 months. However, keep in mind that you still have quite a bit of time to mature and it's unlikely that this is your finalized result. If you have any additional questions, feel free to send me a private message. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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