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Day 122 - four months on



There has been more progress in the past month. By this point, I was hoping my hair would look pretty much as it did pre-op. It doesn't yet. But I feel confident enough going out without a cap and knowing friends won't do a double take when they see me.

There have been quite a lot of new hairs come through in the past few weeks. A small minority are thick and wiry, so these are certainly transplants. The rest are very fine. I can't decide yet if these are transplanted hairs coming through, or hairs that fell out during the shock loss phase which are growing back. I'm hoping it's the former, but don't want to get too excited yet.

There are still plenty of pimples despite my religious application of Bactroban and equally religious avoidance of touching the recipient area. Fortunately, the hair is long enough now for them not to be too noticeable.

A lot of the feeling has now come back to both the donor and recipient areas. The scar I barely think about now (which is why I haven't posted a photo); the barber had a job to spot it last time I went for a haircut, despite having it fairly short at the back.

Overall, my morale is up. The post-op recovery has been pretty similar to what was predicted, and I'm relieved to be through that long phase when I had to wear a hat whenever I left the house to avoid strange looks.

But there's still a long way to go.



Front Left


Front Right







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