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MY NEW 2579 FUE HT - Dr. Rahal



I am an aspiring actor who has been battling hair loss for a few years now. I don't want to get into all the details as everyone who battles hair loss knows, it's not a very fun time. It depressing and it lowers your self-esteem and self-confidence. I am 27 and after a year or so of consideration, I finally decided to go through with the procedure. I have heard many great things about Dr. Rahal and his team. He has had great results thus far and his reputation speaks for itself. I was told that 2500 grafts were enough because I was only thinning in the front and my hairline receded quite a bit. I'm not looking for the density of a 16 year old, I just want to have a framed face and be able to style my hair without having to hide the bald spots or pull some crazy comb-over. Anyway, I felt great about the procedure and I can safely say that I have had no regrets with it at all. Dr. Rahal gives you realistic expectations and he clarifies that not everyone will have the same results. (That's obviously the risk you take with these HT's)

I have attached some before pics and some post-op pics. Not the greatest quality but I wouldn't mind hearing what people think. I will post updates on a regular basis so that you can follow me in my journey to new hair! LOL :)


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  • Regular Member

hey the procedure looks good, can barley see scar with it shaved to the bone, looks a good job. how long after the procedure are the pics from?

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  • Regular Member

THanks for the photos , I have the same hairline.........but my hair fall is all over the scalp.......


Could you please update the latest photos......Pls Ping Me.




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  • Regular Member

the pics are from 5 days post op. I will be posting up 60 day pics. I'm only 36 days

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  • Senior Member

can I ask how long of a procedure was 2500 FUE with Dr Rahal, I understand he uses the ARTAS robot for extraction of the grafts, what was the hardest part of the procedure? thanks

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  • Regular Member

It was around 7 hours, I can't remember precisely. I'm almost certain it was between 7-8 hours. He didn't use ARTAS, he used a manual punch. The hardest part is not the procedure but the waiting game. 

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