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HT with Dr. Pathomvanich (DHT clinic in Thailand)



Hello everyone,

I'd like to thank everyone for their reviews. They have helped me make my HT decision and I'd like to add my input to help others in the future make theirs.

Next week I am flying to Bangkok to have a hair transplant with Dr. Pathomvanich. I chose him because of the good reviews he had on this site wrt 1) compactness of grafts, 2) how natural the end result looks and 3) how invisible the scar will be. I think 1 is a very important factor in 2 and 3 is important for me as I have been clipping my hair at number 1 or 2 for years and would like to have the option of keeping it fairly short.

I'll try to keep everyone updated with progress photos and an honest review.



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Good luck! As you know, Dr. Path is an excellent surgeon and you've made a good decision. Please, keep the community updated on your progress.

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Well it was a huge surgery - 5976 grafts! Apparently the most he has ever performed in one session. I'm 3 days out and experiencing a lot of swelling. I've taken pictures and I'll put them up later.

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holy sh**t, u sure its 5976 GRAPHS, or # of total Hairs? Thats amazing. Many clinics claim to perform mega-sessions, but few can actually carry them out due to a combination of factors like patient stamina.

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