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Dr Parsa Mohebi Procedure 8/1/2012



Hello to all my fellow members. I just had my surgery today with Dr Parsa Mohebi. It was the most wonderful experience ever. I was treated with such respect and their accommodations were truly noteworthy. The moment I went in Dr Parsa and I reviewed the procedure that was to take place. I signed the appropriate papers and was welcomed into the operating room with five assistants standing by. Yes, that's right, Five! Dr Parsa gave me some valium and then numbed me with a topical and he went to work immediately. Instead of removing an entire strip all at once, he did it in two segments. The reasoning for this is that he didn't want the grafts to be sitting there in solution out of my body for too long. Once half a strip was out all four assistants immediatelly went to work under their own stereo micrscopes dissecting the skin and separating the grafts, while Dr parsa started to punch holes in my head, his fifth assistant, Stephanie, standing by clicking away on a counter. I was heavily sedated but alert enough to realize that this was an extra-ordinary way (according to me, ofcourse) that Dr Parsa and his team worked. They worked meticulously, calculated and above with a smile on their faces- in no way did they treat me with disrespect. Always eager to answer all my questions and most caring. Once the grafts were ready, the girls took turns in placing the grafts under the watchful eye of Dr Parsa. They rotated and worked in teams of two and somtimes three simoultaneously as they filled in my temples and the top of my hairline. Brenda, Erica, Noemi and Maria were most fabulous and they each had atleast 9 years of experience in placing grafts under the tutelage of Dr Parsa. The fifth assistant , Stephanie was the go-to-girl making sure I was comforatble, relaxed and had an ample supply of beverages and as many movies as I could muster to see whilst in and out of consciousness. She also arranged for lunch and whilst the first part of the procedure was done I enjoyed a wonderful shish kabob along with a salad and a Sunday- not to mention plenty of cookies and even.... a second sunday. Truly Stephanie made my day. After the break Dr Parsa and his crew returned and removed the second half of the strip and this time the focus was on my crown. It was a most lengthy procedure, which from start to finish took about 9 1/2 to 10 hours. Towards the end I was getting a little bored however we were able to talk and enjoyed a wonderful friendly banter, complete with jokes. In all of the proposed 2,700 grafts I were to have initially, I ended up with 2,942- close to 3,000 grafts. The breakdown was as follows: 1's: 387, 2's: 1,766, 3's: 710, and 4's: 79 for an aggregate of 6,365 hairs. I was amazed that he added more grafts and I of course wanted to pay the diffrence. He politely declined noting that it wasn't necesary, He was, in fact delighted to do my transplant, impressed with my knowledge by educating myself through this forum as well as his " www.ushairrestoration.com/blog" not to mention one of the greatest books I've read by Dr Rassman, "hair loss and replacement for dummies". AIso I believe that Dr Parsa is most generous and an all around marvelous and very patient physician. I will visit Dr Parsa Tomorrow for removal of my head band and my first shower, and he will give my a cd with all the photos pre and post op, which I shall immediately post up here for all to see. As soon as I arrived home and checked my hair with my a magnifying mirror I could tell that total density had been acheived. Though I will let you, dear forum member, to truly decide and appreciate the results on your own. Please bare with me, for this, my second procedure has made me a very happy person.

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