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Not long now



Well just over a week to D-Day. I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to put their thoughts and concerns on here. It certainly has given me encouragement as well as a good insight of what to expect. I have quite fine hair and am at least a Norwood V so am not expecting amazing results but just something half decent on the front part would be good. I have booked FUT with Dr Viroj Vong in Bangkok. I couldn't get an appointment for next week with Dr Path and have met Viroj Vong last time in Bangkok and he seemed professional and has been doing transplants for 20 years. I originally wanted to have FUE so that I didn't have a scar but after reading things on here I realise that I need to got for the FUT instead.

I started on 1mg of finistride back in Jan this year so to early to tell whether it is working for me but have noticed a marked decline in libido so may ease up to one every other day after 6 months. After the proceedure has healed I will also start on Minoxidil, so maybe that will aid the overall look.

I will post post op pics in the next couple of weeeks and will keep you all posted on the journey I am about to undertake.


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Congratulations on making the decision to proceed with hair transplant surgery. I'm not familiar with your physician but do encourage you to share your experience and photos with this community. You can create a new blog or photo album to share your experience and photos. I also encourage you to post them directly on our hair loss forum to maximize the number of responses and support from our members.


Best wishes and happy growing,



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