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I am 38, and I've been losing my hair since my early 20s. I'm currently about a Norwood III, progressing towards a Norwood IV A. My father was a Norwood VI / VII by his 50s, and I'm pretty certain I would end up that way too.







After making no headway with various pills and potions (see profile), I began researching HTs extensively. I concluded that this site was the most comprehensive and objective on the web.


Based on the positive experiences on here, I decided I would proceed with an HT, and eventually spoke to six clinics: two did face-to-face consultations; one did an online and phone consultation (Turkey-based Transmed, who I decided to go with); the other three were online only.


I chose Transmed chiefly because of the (generally) glowing reviews on this site, particularly from the site administrator, but also, I must admit, because they were considerably cheaper than the other options I was considering.


My plan was to have FUT surgery, to deal chiefly with the frontal hairloss, and then return for FUE in a few years' time, to fill in any gaps on the vertex or elsewhere, and also cover up the scar.



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Congratulations on your recent hair translpant with a highly esteemed physician and thanks for creating a blog to share your experience and photos. I trust you've also shared your experience and posted links to your blog(s) on our popular discussion forum? If not, I encourage you to do so.


I'm glad to hear that you had an excellent experience and look forward to watching your hair restoration transformation :-).


Happy healing and growing,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

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Have you met any of the people yet who have previously had a transplant? That is a good idea before you go ahead. So far you are relying on what the clinic is telling you. If they are as good as they say (and I hope they are) they will have no problems introducing you to patients who have previously had HT at their clinic.


I was also wondering if you had been recommended to use a particular shampoo or conditioner after your transplant as it is important to keep your original hair in good condition as well as the transplanted hair.


Best of luck! 

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