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HairLab Dr Chao



Just wanted to place a plug for Dr Chao in Beverly Hills. I had a medical conference to go to in San Diego (I am an MD), and rather than go with a local San Diego doc, I did my research and when considering qualifications and price, found it worth the drive to go to Beverly Hills to Dr Chao. I saw another guy here recommend Chao before I went and thank you for that.

Dr Chao has a muscular disease which affects his walking and large mucle movement but not his fine dexterity. Thought I would mention that because to someone who doesn't know, he might scare them thinking that he can't move well. However, he can do the work needed to do this procedure (fine dexterity) and was thoughtful on creating a random hairline pattern. He really was very conscious of all aspects of the procedure, both preop and postop and even contacted me after to make sure all was good. He advised on shock loss and nonsurgical measures which Bosley in Chicago did not when I got a small procedure in my 20s. He may go a little overboard using Toradol, injectable steroid and following it up with steroid pills but I have to say I didnt follow his directions on the pills and got a swollen L eye 3 days after the procedure. Upon taking the steroid again, it went down quickly. I used some color powder and, I kid you not, nobody called me out on the procedure 1 week after the fact though several asked if I had a new haircut!!

All in all, Chao is highly recommended and better than my Bosley experience in Chicago (though that wasn't bad, it was more money and it was just in and out and you can buy our shampoo and vitamins kinda thing rather than a complete and thoughtful approach) I had a 3000-3500 graft procedure and I'm still not sure the actual count but suffice to say, I had 2 implanting assistants, 2 on the microscopes cutting and Dr Chao for literally 8.5 hours so the $5000 was an awesome price and the coverage area was consistent with a 3000-3500 graft procedure. Hope that helps all that are interested.

Dr YellowGreen (my nickname cause I have Lotus)


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Welcome to our community and thanks for sharing your hair transplant experience. Do you have any photos showcasing your results that your willing to share with us?


Best wishes,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros) - Managing Publisher of this Community

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Sure I have a couple right after procedure I can upload after I get them off the phone. I am less than 2 months out now and some of the transplants have actually stayed with the existing hair but no new growth yet. Probably will get a 3 month comparison and then upload the pics.

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Hello, I also had a transplant with Dr Chao. Just last Thursday he did a fantastic job and was wonderful with his follow thru. I have put daily pics up on my profile and will continue to do so, although they may become weekly then monthly LOL. Anyway could not beat the price and so far happy with the quality no pain, just some swelling. and you cant see my stitches.

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