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Please help me choose the best physician



Hi All,

Please find the photos in the profile and let me know which doctor would be best option .

I am currenlty Norwood IV , my expectations are to get it done in One session if possible with Donar Density ( 80-100/Fu/cm2 ).

Please let me know your humble and valuable suggestions .





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Hi Myedulla51,

My case was almost same as yours, if not worse. I just had my hair transplantation done by Dr. B.Arocha in Houston two weeks ago. And it seems I am doing quite ok as of now. There is no discomfort at all! He is really a great hair transplantation doctor. I can mention some of the positive points about him, which might make you feel that atleast you can do a consultation (skype consultation is also possible!) with him.. Here are the points.... (1) He is recommended on this website as well as by several other surgical hair restoration Associations, who have really set a very high standard for this kind of practice. (2) He is a perfect gentleman and you can discuss all your concerns and goals with him without any hesitation. When I spoke to him for the first time, I felt I knew him for years!! Now even after my surgery, when I have some concerns, he and his staff happily entertain all my questions. (3) Doc himself is very experienced and has got a very knowledgeable, experienced and skillfull staff (like Craig, Maria and others), who are very professional in their work, but at the same time are personal in their behavior. Doc and his staff are very friendly and make every situation so light that you dont even feel that you are having a surgery!! Atleast I felt like that.. (4) Doc is an artist himself by hobby and what I know about this kind of cosmetic surgery is that along with the technical skills, the doc needs to have a very good aesthetic sense, because its all about your looks, which I am sure Dr. Arocha has.. (5) Dr. Arocha and his staff perform ONE surgery a day, so you will be his sole attention on the day of your surgery. It will be "YOUR DAY", whose result will last you for a lifetime!! I have posted some of my Pre-Op and Post-Op Pics in my photo album, you can have a look at it. I will continue to update my album, so that all the interested people can keep tracking my hair restoration journey..... All the Best.

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