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11 Weeks



Well its 11 weeks ish! and everything settled down. I think hair looking better but cant be new growth and must be shockloss regrowing.

Also I have a good few grey/white hairs growing quickly and never had any before. Not sure if Minoxidil is affecting the colour?

Anyway I am getting organised and found a photo of top view taken 5 days after HT. The grafts,as you will see, were focused on density mid to front. I am feeling tingling in my scalp now and still taking my vitamins etc.

Had my haircut twice in last few weeks and nobody seemed to notice, I was worried they were cutting too short but in the end all ok. Its the simplest things that you end up worried about.

I will try and upload photo now from 5 days after HT, then in next week I will take a current one and upload that for early comparison. (Just editing blog as system will not let me upload photo, it says my available memory is -292k and even though photo is 184k and I have never put a photo on it shows a negative available and wont let me upload aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh I could pull my air out!!!!!!)

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Thank you for keeping us updated. Let me know if you need any help uploading photos. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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