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Coloring Transplanted Hair



I have seen a few threads on coloring transplanted hair but I wanted to see if there is anyone that has colored their transplanted hair in this group and are there any watchouts/concerns? I am 3 months post op and have quite a bit of hair growth after a 8000 graft transplant. I am wanting to blend the new hair in with my existing hair and possibly use something like "Toppik" to create a bit of density until my hair has really grown out in 12-18 months. There seems to be mixed advice on when you can color your new hair...I have heard you can color once the area has healed properly (3- 4 weeks) but I have heard as much as only after 5 months you can color the hair.

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Nearing 4 months so I am close to making a decision to color my transplanted hair with Aveda deeming its natural ingredients....anyone done something similar?

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8000 grafts?  I gather you've done more than 1 transplant procedure.

If you are only 3 months post op from the last procedure, wait a full 12 months to see a matured result.  

With regards to coloring, typically the suggestion is to color a week prior to the procedure so that you don't have to deal with that aspect while your new hair is coming in.  You could color as soon as 14 days after the procedure but, if you abuse it, you loose it.  A lot has to do with the type of color you use.  I recently went to color my hair and was asked if I wanted permanent or non-permanent.  The hairdresser went on to say that permanent color typically lasts a few months, (only to find that a few weeks later the roots were beginning to show the white hairs.  Realistically, I think that most colors last about 1 month. Most importantly, go to someone with experience.  It's unbelievable how many times I have heard stories of people coloring at home or had it done with someone that knew nothing and eventually they experienced chemical burns, permanent hair loss and all sorts of other issues.  

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Heres a quote from Dr Rahal's post op instructions about dyeing your hair 


15. When can I dye my hair? Wait at least 6 months before dyeing your hair. Dyeing the grafts too soon can harm their growth and your results. You can dye the sides and back of your head (outside the recipient area) 1 month after your surgery

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