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  1. stewk2001

    Coloring Transplanted Hair

    It was over a 10 day period.
  2. stewk2001

    Coloring Transplanted Hair

    Nearing 4 months so I am close to making a decision to color my transplanted hair with Aveda deeming its natural ingredients....anyone done something similar?
  3. stewk2001

    Coloring Transplanted Hair

    I have seen a few threads on coloring transplanted hair but I wanted to see if there is anyone that has colored their transplanted hair in this group and are there any watchouts/concerns? I am 3 months post op and have quite a bit of hair growth after a 8000 graft transplant. I am wanting to blend the new hair in with my existing hair and possibly use something like "Toppik" to create a bit of density until my hair has really grown out in 12-18 months. There seems to be mixed advice on when you can color your new hair...I have heard you can color once the area has healed properly (3- 4 weeks) but I have heard as much as only after 5 months you can color the hair. Many Thanks