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Coin inserted, beginning Level 1



Well this is my first blog and first real day of being a part of this network of wonderful people.

I've been thinking and dreaming about doing something with my hairline for years now and all of a sudden the wheels seem to be moving. My girlfriend has been extremely supportive of my decision to get a hair transplant, although she keeps telling me I don't need one hehe but she understands it's not what I need, it's about lifting a constant thought from my mind that would be put to better use if I was rid of it and thinking of something more useful.

After doing some research on this and other forums I have pretty much decided to go with the Dr's Farjo and their team. Their name was mentioned in a few forums and after being on their site and watching many videos by both doctors I instantly find them both friendly, informed and honest which is a big plus. The very fact that Dr B. Farjo reccomends investigating multiple surgeons instead of trying to coax you to only him is very refreshing and after checking out examples of his work I find it very good. I also admire the "we are still learning" attitue that he and his wife take to their skills and are constantly trying to improve and learn new techneques.

All this has come about rather quickly and yes I am doing much more investigating before I even book a consultation, but even with the anticipation that it is going to happen has put a spring in my step that I have not had for a long, long time.

It'll maybe be 2 years before I reap the rewards of even my first session but everytime I go over it in my head I just come to the conclusion that it is all worth it and will give me a peace of mind that will last a lifetime!

More blogs when more events develop.



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Thank you for sharing your story. As I'm sure you're well aware, Dr. Farjo is an excellent hair restoration surgeon and I think you've made a good choice researching/considering the Farjo clinic. I hope you'll continue to keep us updated. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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