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So, my name is Dan, I'm 38 and from the UK. I started thinning back in '99 and was devastated as I'm sure everyone is. I had strip surgery with Bosley, NY in 2002 which was 1800 Grafts. Honestly, I wish I'd found this forum before I went ahead with that surgery!

Even though the result was pretty good, and my scar is very thin (I cut my hair to grade #2.5 and it's barely noticable), the actual procedure was nothing short of a scene from one of the Saw films! The Surgeon was extremely needle happy and injected me every time I mentioned I could feel what was going on,....which was painful. I lost count of the amount of injections I had. The strangest part of that is, he was injecting into my eye area, even though I was feeling the work at the crown (?!). In the end, I was so afraid of being injected again, I just sat there with tears streaming down my face and in utter agony. Once it was all done, I was let out on the street with no real idea of aftercare or anything. I'd booked in to a hostel type room for 3 weeks, which was pretty awful too, but I couldn't afford anything better. My head swelled to twice the size, both my eyes blackened to completely closed, which meant I couldn't see to go or do anything for days on end. I was in alot of pain most of the time. It was a pretty horrific experience, especially when I couldn't even recognise my own face in the mirror!

Anyway, I vowed I would NEVER put myself through such an ordeal ever again. Once I'd healed and all the swelling was gone (about 3 weeks later), things got better. The hair does look very natural and the scar is thin as I mentioned.

So, 9 years later and I've been using Propecia/Regaine combination all this time. I'm not losing anymore, but have also been using Toppik so noone knows of my hair loss. This has become such a chore, and I can't go swimming/go out in the rain etc, and am constantly paranoid about it. I'm totally sick of using Toppik, but NOT using it is not an option. So, back came the thoughts of another surgery...

After reading on here and doing alot of my own research, Dr Feller was my obvious choice. I've been speaking quite extensively to Spex, and paid my deposit for surgery on 25th Feb. He assures me that surgery with Feller is a million miles from surgery with Bosley, and I've been convinced that it will be nowhere near as horrific as it was before. Honestly, I'm still terrified, but really, I don't have a choice but to continue through the black tunnel I am in to get through to the end of it. Dr Feller has said I need 3100-3300 grafts.

So now, I am just waiting for confirmation of my deposit, and info on the blood work I need etc. Once that has been confirmed, I will book flights/hotel etc.

Well, that's me in a nutshell..... I'm praying my result will leave me as delighted as the people I read on these forums.

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Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your decision to undergo surgery with Dr. Feller. He's an excellent surgeon, and I hope all went well. I hope you'll keep us updated!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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