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25th Feb 2011 - Day of Surgery with Dr. Feller



The appointment was booked for 07:45, but due to my body clock I was awake at 04:45, and combined with my paranoia for being late, I arrived at Feller Medical at 07:00! About 35 mins later I saw Dr. Feller walking up the corridor and my anxiety started to kick in! The memories of Bosley throwing themselves into the forefront on my mind.

Initial chat with Dr. Feller

Within 10 minutes I was sitting in Dr. Fellers office chatting to him about my experience with Bosley and my desired results from this surgery. I wanted the whole top thickened, but mostly the front and the crown. After meeting with Spex and discussing with him, he had suggested a session of 3300 grafts would give me my desired results. Dr. Feller checked out my hair and said that he wouldn't be able to make the 3300. My heart sank, I desperately wanted full coverage and to put this whole thing to bed. The reason was that even though the back of my hair was very dense, the sides were thinner. He said that if the sides were as dense as the back, he would have been able to get the full amount. I found it quite difficult to hold back my emotion really, but I was there, deposit paid up and prepared for the next step so I had to let go of the crown issue for now.

So, onto the drawing where I was shown the probable outcome of hairline and how far back he would be able to go. He then took a load of pre-op pics. After a fair amount of chat, some forms and signatures later and I was led into the next room and made comfortable. I was extremely anxious so was given a valium which worked pretty fast. I then met his team, what a fantastic bunch! Especially Cathy, and another lady who I cannot remember her name. Very comforting, caring and well just wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Feller was equally as lovely, and reassured me every step of the way, explaining what he was doing, and when he would be doing it etc.

The Surgery

First thing was for the site to be shaved down, so the top and the donor area strip site. I wanted the whole thing shaved, but Dr. Feller needs it left (for now) so that he can see the comparision and how the hairs grow etc. Once I go back for the staple removal, they agreed they could shave it all down for me. I don't like the thought of going into a barber and having to explain it all to them. I'd rather it all grew back at the same rate too.

Donor Site

The hardest part for me was the donor strip removal. In my particular case, I have had several cysts removed from my scalp, and also the previous Bosley scar so my donor area was alot more sensative than most. Even so, it wasn't terrible at all, it just took a little longer than usual and needed a few more numbing injections. A word on those injections,.... they really aren't that bad. I remember the Bosley ones were total agony, but on a scale of 1-10, Bosley hurt a 10, while Feller was more like a 3 or 4. After I was stapled up, I was ready for the incision sites to be made.

Incision Sites

So, again, my memories of Bosley were still haunting me, and the incision sites made by them felt like they were hacking at my skull with some kind of power tool without any real care or attention to where the incisions were going. I felt tears welling up at this point, but Dr. Feller soon reassured me that most people sleep at this point. Incredibly, I barely even noticed he was doing anything, just the odd tug and little noise. I think I did actually fall asleep for a while.


In came the technicians. They seemed to rotate the 'shift' so that 2 did the single hairs, then swapped for the next 2 to do the doubles etc. Initially, all I remember is having a conversation with Cathy about all sorts. That was, until I fell asleep again....


For some reason, I was expecting the day to last from 07:45 till about 16:00, but it was over by 14:00. Dr. Feller mentioned that my skin laxity was second to none, and the hairs were very strong and healthy. I kept hearing people coming in and lots of 'ooh's and 'arrrs' and how 'beautiful' and 'great' it looked. Dr. Feller was very happy with the outcome and said the density was packed very thick, thicker than my stubble. So, after I was cleaned up, I was led into another room where Anna took me through my aftercare routine and gave me a printed copy. After that they had arranged lunch for me so I was delighted to eat since I was starving! :)

Pain Meds

Into Dr. Fellers office, and feeling utter relief that it was all over and I could relax! Dr. Feller then took me through the pain meds. Some for pain, and some meds to help me sleep. He also mentioned that due to my donor site sensitivity, that I may feel extra discomfort at the back, and to keep him/Spex posted on that situation.

First Night

After returning to the hotel, I felt extremely happy to be back, and also very pleased that I had arranged for a refridgerator in my room. I'd packed it out the day before with food and drinks, as well as cold packs. I didn't really want to HAVE to go out unless I felt I wanted to for the next 2-3 days.

So, I had been expecting alot of discomfort last night. Surprisingly, I had very very little. The bed is extremely comfortable, and I had bought a beanie neck pillow which was a godsend. I slept through the night.

This morning I'm feeling fine, just a little achy and a gentle throbbing to my scalp, but other than that, nothing really. I'm due to take off the bandage and rinse the hair today, so I hope I'm still feeling ok once the swelling etc kick in.


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Great write up! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be following your progress over the coming months. I wish you luck!



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  • Senior Member

Thanks David! I'm glad all this writing wasn't in vain! lol :)

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