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UPDATE: Week 12 Post Op



Hello all, sorry for the delayed update but since every two weeks was yielding such small results I figured I'd drop it down to every 4 weeks for the sake of (hopefully) seeing more progress in each post.

Hairline: The red spots and pimples have died down considerably. I feel like I'm definitely seeing more growth in the mid-top of the head than the actual hairline. Although I do see a lot of new hairs coming in on my corners, mostly my right side corner. Hopefully that will begin to grow in thicker in the next couple months because it was my primary goal/concern. Starting 3 weeks ago I am letting the top start to grow out so maybe with more length to the top it will appear thicker.


Donor Area: Note when looking at the photographs for my Donor Scar my hair is close to a Zero in length so it looks probably worse that it really is. I am still using the Scarguard MD on my donor area for another 2 weeks (for a total of 8 weeks). If it looks like the skin is peeling, it's not that's just the medication. I think the medication has been helping with keeping the scar flat and protecting it while it heals. I am now starting to let my hair grow out in the back so hopefully in a few weeks/months it will be all but invisible. I have read that the scar can take up to a year to fully heal and this out.


Overall: Not too much to report other than I do see new hairs growing in and it is appearing thicker in the top of the scalp. Scar doesn't look horrible but it doesn't look great either. I am excited, anxious and scared about what the next few months will bring since this is the first sign of how the end results are going to be. I am also a bit concerned because I got more than I expected in terms of sun exposure this past Saturday. Fortunately I don't think it really burned but still I know we are suppose to limit exposure.

Thanks for checking in with me and hoping you all are having excellent results!

Good luck to all!!


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