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Overall not much has changed. I am keeping my donor area hair short to continue application of the Scarguard medication. I am going to start letting the top and hairline grown out and in a few weeks will begin going to the barber to help make it look clean.

Hairline: Still getting LOTS of red spots and pimples (white heads) throughout my recipient area. Never thought I'd be so happy to see pimples but from what I have read those should hopefully be new hairs coming in! Been seeing very little change otherwise which is better than NO change I suppose. The front center of my hairline still looks thinner than before I received the surgery so that's a bit disconcerting. But the mid-top and corner-hairlines look decent for only 8 Weeks Post OP. I know that this is still early on Post-OP I shouldn't really be expecting anything but that's an expectation much easier said than done. Hopefully on the week 10 or 12 Update we will see something more obvious/substantial.


Donor Area: I think the medication has been definitely helping with pigmentation of the scar and will hopefully pay-off in the end. It defeinitely looks gross with the white film over the scar and the fact that it makes it stand out beyond belief. Going to do it for approximately 8-12 weeks and I think I started about 2-3 weeks ago. So not much longer. Then I'll begin to start letting that hair grow out and we will see at which length of hair the scar becomes less and less visible.

Starting next week I will be going back to doing the Laser Therapy 2x a Week and hopefully that will help with obtaining some early growth. Otherwise just doing the Nioxin Shampoo & Conditioner everyday, Nizoral 1-2x a Week, Minoxidil Foam 2x Daily, Finestride Daily.

Good luck to all!!


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