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UPDATE: Week 16 Post Op



Overall not much has changed... again. I am seeing a lot more growth on my right corner hairline and not much has happened on the left side still. Starting to let the hair grow out and see how the scar covers up.

Hairline: Not getting nearly has many red spots/pimples which honestly is a bit disapointing because I am not near the fullness I was hoping for and this makes me feel like I'm not going to see that much further new growth. I guess we will have to wait and see. I know that I'm only four months in and there is some time yet but I suppose I was banking on seeing a bit more by now. I do feel like the top of my head is looking thicker, which is a good thing. But that's not nearly as important to me as my actual hairline.


Donor Area:The donor area scar is still a bit visible but doesn't stand out as much so that's a good thing. Hopefully the scar will continue to thin and allow for me to have more options with haircuts in the future but only time will tell.

Overall I'm not ecstatic nor am I freaking out. I guess I am moving along "normally" by this point. Praying for more significant results by month 6 otherwise I might have to start seriously considering another HT with a different surgeon.

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