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Day of FUT - 15 February 2011



I had received a phone call a few days previously requesting I move my appointment from a Monday to a Tuesday. This was possible and I was informed the Chauffeur would arrive at my building at 0830. I had done my scalp exercises and was prepared to begin.

I slept well and the driver was in front of my door at 0830. He was very friendly and helped me keep my mind off the upcoming FUT. Traffic was heavy, but he navigated his way to the clinic and I arrived at 0900. I signed a disclaimer, paid my balance and was escorted to the doctor's office. My only surprise that day was that Dr. Apaydin was ill and my procedure was to be administered by Dr. Melike Fuhlaci, a name I had read about on this site. She looked at my hair with a tool in the back and I was able to see potential donor grafts of 1 - 4 hairs, with numerous 3's. I hope this bodes well. She drew a hair line and used a laser instrument to adjust any noticeable discrepancies. She escorted me to the operating theater and there I met the technicians who would be assisting. I was given a valium to settle my nerves and the remote control to a television.

Dr. Melike was quite social and our conversation kept me at ease. I would ask from time to time what was going on. First I did feel a few needle pricks as she numbed the area. A nurse was keeping my pulse and offering support. Second she removed the donor patch. At some point the doctor made incisions using different instruments in my forward hair line and crown for the grafts to be fit into. At times this hurt and I asked for more pain killer to be applied. They did so and seconds later I was able to feel nothing. I did not feel this at all, but the sound of cutting flesh was not too pleasant. My donor area was prepared for stapling and the clamps were really tight, that was the most unpleasant feeling of the day. Dr. Melike left the room after I was stapled up and periodically checked in on me. The Technicians took over, some were sitting at the microscopes, others were beginning to place in the grafts. The original plan from Dr. Melike was to let me keep my hair length in front that was present to help mask the work. However, the technicians did shave it back a bit and my hair is rather akward now. Throughout the day, a rotation of technicians usually 3 at a time placed in grafts. They were friendly and scolded me only a few times when I would get restless and move. I cannot explain how sitting still for 6 hours becomes so uncomfortable. It is worse than sitting in coach on an international flight. I was able to eat, take breaks and use the restroom. However, I tried to refrain to accelerate the process. At about 16:45 the technicians announced they were finished. I was able to put my shirt back on and had a consultation with Dr. Melike. Just prior to this I was given an injection in my back side that was pain killer and anti-biotic. There was tightness in my donor area and it did cause mild pain. I was dressed in a headband and some pads on the donor area and informed not to remove any of this that night, nor shower.

I was handed a cover up hat, an information folder, Seba Med shampoo, Bipanathol Lotion, a mild steroid and anti inflammatory, antibiotic and one pain killer for the night ahead. I did feel very tired however, the tightness in my head was abating from the injection. I was given several numbers to call if there were any issues and sent home with the driver. I read the information packet about what to expect and when. I slept up right that night on stacked pillows and a towel. There was no seepage that night. I was to be picked up again the next day and transported for my initial wash and instructions. I will start taking Propecia in 2 weeks.

I will ask for copies of the photos taken by the clinic on this day pre and post surgery.

My feelings that day were optimistic, but honestly there was the nagging voice in my head asking the "what if''s" Namely, What if it does not work, what if it looks worse than before and general skepticism of the procedure, the outcome and wondering if I was wasting a lot of money. My initial look in the mirror was that it was all worth it, but I know I must wait almost a year to be sure. Reading comments here both excites me for the future and some make me anxious. Thanks to all you posters.

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I hope all is well! It sounds like your surgery was a fairly positive experience altogether, and I hope your time on our discussion forums has helped quell some of your anxiety toward the procedure. Keep us updated!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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