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Day 1 after FUT



I slept the first night in an upright position and the drugs kept me still and asleep the whole night. The first morning there was some scabbing and my forehead above the headband was swollen. My visible scalp was discolored a little pinkish. I used an ice pack and it really did relieve the swelling situation. The scabs were noticeable and I hope they only lessen daily. The driver came in the morning and I was taken to the clinic for a wash and inspection. The technician washed my hair, instructed me how to do this at home and trimmed some of my existing hair to blend in better with the shorter front and crown. I received a new headband and was taken home. There was really no change in the scabs or color of my scalp.

Throught the day there was not much pain, and I stayed indoors. Due to the looks of the look of my mis mashed hair and grafts, along with the scabs I did not venture outside once. I only looked in the mirror and dared not touch anything. I had no itching and no pain, only tightness in the donor area.

My feelings this day were subdued and I read profiles on this site and looked at many you tube videos. It was all helpful, and it is amazing how many questions come up. I prepared for bed and my paranoia of touching my grafts continued so I set the pillows in an upright position where my head touched nothing. I took my meds as prescribed and hope for the best.

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