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Episodic, patchy hair loss with no regrowth. What do I do?

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I’ve been diagnosed by a dermatologist with alopecia areata, alopecia barbae, and sebhorric dermatitis. Oral minoxidil gave me palpitations, corticosteroids doesn’t seem to regrow the hair, and injectable dutasteride doesn’t seem to have really helped me. Is a hair transplant necessary? I’ve had to grow my hair out long to avoid displaying my bald spots and weak areas. It’s really disheartening. I’m split on finasteride because of the Libido stories as well. As far as I know, my hair loss is auto immune and mostly occurs during waves of inflammation on the scalp.

Please see photos below for reference. (About every 6 months, I have a flare-up and notice even more thinning spots) I’ve also attached a photo of a scar I have that I’m uncomfortable with that I’m wondering about a transplant for. Unfortunately the hair around the scar got worse since it was taken, as can be seen by my other photos. 

Can I please get some advice? Thank you













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If you were diagnosed with alopecia areata and topical steroid did not help, maybe you would like to consider seeking for a dermatologist who is specialized in hair diseases. The alternative treatment for alopecia areata is contact immunotherapy. However, you will need to see the doctor quite often during the first few months to adjust the concentration of the immunotherapy solution which I recommend that it is better to get treated in your local. Dutasteride injection or hair transplantation will not help treating alopecia areata. 

Dr. Wunny (Wipawan Vathananai)

Hair transplant surgeon & Dermatologist (ISHRS Fellowship 2022-2023)

BHI Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand (https://www.bhiclinic.com/en/)

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