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Fue hair transplant 3133 graft’s conservative hair line

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Fue procedure done by Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists March 13th 2024 Los Angeles 

Conservative hair line at 8.5 cm 

.85mm punch 

approx 3133 total grafts 

1 day procedure approx 700 extra we’re placed on thinned mid area. 67729971-6FD0-487E-A6AA-985D669E50F6.thumb.jpeg.cf2a255491ba3f8c072d1d328611a8a2.jpegE9F8078B-7CA3-4E6A-A05B-989AC31AE9B9.thumb.jpeg.22a1b97374bf6707bff15c4880c28c76.jpegB1609149-4406-4951-A815-F37631008635.thumb.jpeg.ac197f24e7dd11691c0c06ac77fce663.jpeg2D2BBF1F-FEF4-4AE6-AFA1-A31A02870371.thumb.png.91b686a1bdc3b3a73a81d94a0ca61079.png90707D68-6866-4B3D-ACB8-E7E50123776C.thumb.jpeg.a9e592532ab5d1e8cc3a0e7b333c6050.jpeg

Day 5 donor area 3 times a day acell at least, happy head hair supplement and protein rich diet, hairs are starting to grow back from some extracted areas. 2D2BBF1F-FEF4-4AE6-AFA1-A31A02870371.thumb.png.91b686a1bdc3b3a73a81d94a0ca61079.png

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