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Currently 6.5 weeks post 2nd op in which I have another thread linked.

I started using topical minoxidil again 10 days after surgery but can’t help myself from looking at the benefits and ease of oral 👀

There seems to be such conflicting information about the side affects depending on who you chose to watch and which side of the fence they sit on (pro vs against oral)


Overall, what are your thoughts on whether oral is worth it long term based on current research?

*if I did start, I’d start at 1.25mg per day the increase to 2.5mg after 2-3 months (based on research advice)

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The best person to consult with is your Dr. 

It’s no secret the chance of sides are greater but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get them.

Measure your blood pressure and heart rate prior to embarking on it then get regular quarterly reviews. That way you’ll be able to keep track of the impact on your body, even if you don’t feel sides. There isn’t much long term research in relation to hair but that’s largely due to it only rising in popularity over the last few years. 

That being said plenty of people on here have had great gains on it with no sides, it’s also as you say much easier to keep up with a set regime.


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Hello Lewis,

In the past, topical minoxidil was recommended as one of the standard treatment for AGA. However, due to the requirement of consistent compliance and its inconvenient sticky formula, most people do not like using it. Also, it is not that effective and there has been more and more studies about low-dose oral minoxidil for treating AGA. It turns out that oral minoxidil is much more effective and a lot easier to be continued by most people.

Normally, I start 2.5 mg/day on Mon-Wed-Fri for my patients. It is important that you should have a doctor who helps you adjusting the dose. The side effects could be having palpitation, dizziness from decreased blood pressure, ankle swelling and having too much hair everywhere on your body etc. You should pay attention when you do strenuous exercises especially cardio or heavy weight-lifting since you probably experience some chest tightness. Monitoring your blood pressure at home is also recommended.

I hope this help

Dr. Wunny (Wipawan Vathananai)

Hair transplant surgeon & Dermatologist (ISHRS Fellowship 2022-2023)

BHI Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand (https://www.bhiclinic.com/en/)

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