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Dr. Garagounis 1997 grafts - March 2023

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Total grafts : 1997 
Single: 653
Doubles 933
Triples: 411
I don't know how the end result will look like, but Dr. Garagounis was very professional. He didn't try to persuade me to do it, we did two calls, on of which was 1h call going through past cases and examples. He also put more grafts than of what we first agreed and he didn't ask for more from his initial quote.
I will try to give updates 
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Hello, thanks for sharing this and good luck with your result, can you give us some more details?


How old are you and do you take any meds?

Where did you find this doctor and why did you chose him?

How much was the cost?


I see that you had another ht in the past, any details you can give about that?


Thank you

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Happy growing..the work looks clean. Its the first time i see a thread about this doctor. What was the doctor involvment in your hair transplant and where is Dr Garagounis located?

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I am 40. Regain once per day but periodically. The plan is to continue with minoxidil and local finasteride, but be more diligent from now on. My 1st HT, was when I was 20y I believe around 500 grafts, but I cannot say for sure. It was with a HT clinic and I believe it was quite bad. 

I am from Greece and he is located in Greece but flies to England regularly since he takes cases with a hair clinic there. I didn't know him before and I found him after looking my options in Greece compared to Turkey. I also didn't want to use a hair transplant clinic, but work directly with the doctor. I did a video call with him and quoted me a reasonable price (less than 3000e). He did most of the work himself, removing grafts, designing hairline, making "holes" and two nurses separating the grafts and after helping him put the grafts. 

I want to be clear that I don't have any benefit for posting this and I am doing just because the guy was very professional and seemed to me at the same level with Dr. Pekiner, who I also consider a top HT doctor, without having the same recognition. 


Let's see, I hope the outcome will good...


10 days





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