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Hair Tran Clinic| Dr Pukpinya (Dr Paty) Friday 8th March 2024

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Saw Dr Pukpinya and her team today and have been a long term forum lurker. Going to update this post with progress throughout.

It was a impressive experience overall. Upon her arrival her lovely assistant got me to fill out forms with appropriate information. I was then taken to a room where one of the staff washed my hair in preparation and a number of before photos were taken.

Dr Pukpinya looked at my scalp and did her calculations as to what would be needed - 3636 - more than I expected as the quote assumed circa 3000 for both my widows peak and crown.

However, 3636 was solely for my widows peak and apparently I have a small head... they were unable to do both my widows peak and crown in one session but in terms of density at the front it made me feel confident.

The focus was going to be on getting density at the front, for personal reasons I asked for a feminine hairline so Dr Pukpinya delivered such explaining that the hair follicles would be staggered with singles followed by doubles then triples. Apparently this leaves a softer boundary that appears more feminine in nature.

The procedure itself was a good 7hrs 20 including a 10 minute lunch break and filling in forms. To keep the durations down when it comes to placement Dr Pukpinya works on one side and another surgeon on the other. For me Dr Pukpinya was on the right and another on the left. Dr Pukpinya supvised and checked all grafts.

Almost no pain once initial injections, I'm told normally the front hurts more and the back is less painful but I was a bit of an exception apparently. I learned I have tough skin at the front and on the top whereas the back injections hurt slightly more. Once anaesthesia kicked it, almost nil pain. 

Following the procedure I was given a bag with fin, minox, plus antibiotics they want me to start taking straight away. They also give you a odd looking black bandana to be worn for 2 weeks when leaving the hotel or house. Im hanging around for 10 days to get the healing checked tomorrow and every two days by the clinic as well as use their laser hair helmets (LLLT).

Also gave me saline spray and to top it off a letter for customs regarding medication when I head back to UK. I cannot comment on the hair results yet but my experience with the clinic I cannot fault aside from not getting my crown done at the same time. 9 out of 10 so far.

Also, very reasonably priced, I was less than 150,000 Baht inclusive of PRP treatment which from memory was 12,000 and unlimited LLLT also included. I paid a deposit previously which I could look up and my payment on the day was 120,000 baht.

Pics below and I will update my results. The one post op photo below is roughly 4 hours after the operation.IMG_20231130_065742094.thumb.jpg.2e4126f4646821618d8bb3253643811d.jpg




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I'm not too sure I recall the Dr stating she was doing the sides more where you can see it if in the future hair is longer and tied up into a ponytail? 

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If the plan was for a more feminine hairline (and appropriate medication to stop hairloss is taken) then both design and graft number makes total sense. 



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17 hours ago, Anon94 said:

If the plan was for a more feminine hairline (and appropriate medication to stop hairloss is taken) then both design and graft number makes total sense. 



Thank you for the response, gives me reassurance.

For anyone wondering so far I've found there to be minimal pain post op... the most difficult part for me by far is sleeping on my back for 14 days. I never anticipated such but I'm having considerable difficulties in falling asleep and it's definitely wrecking my body clock.

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Hair as of Day 9, last night in Thailand. I see the Doctor again tomorrow morning before heading home to the airport.



Donor area seems to be healing well and swelling / redness down for transplanted area. A little dismayed at how my non touched crown is growing but hopefully medication and time will sort this out.

Any thoughts or queries please let me know 

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Hello :)

Donor area has fully healed, the front transplanted area looks decent at a distance but in the close pictures you can see the transplanted areas are still thinner but definitely growing. Just awake and no hair product in the attached.

I only have a sample size of one hair transplant but I'm told this growth is good for 10 weeks. Any queries please let me know.IMG_20240420_235506028.thumb.jpg.de76efe187f4ce3d079c1aef02519ce9.jpgIMG_20240519_101735697_HDR.thumb.jpg.371285b301d1bb6d5beb3185f17d255e.jpg

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