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Question about the frequency of dutasteride "mesotherapy" injections

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I'm a little interested in dutasteride mesotherapy at the moment and I found a doctor who practices this in France and I will talk about that with him soon ... I could therefore ask him the question I am asking you but in the meantime I would like to have your opinion

During my research on the net, I saw on the anagenica website that it is recommended to use the product for "mesotherapy" (with microneedling 0.5-1mm) with dutasteride once a week.

However, in the associated research papers found on this same site, the use is different: once a week for 1 month, then the doses are spaced out, for example once every two weeks during the next month and then 1 dose per month and some say that then the doses can be done every 3 months (same as exosomes mesotherapy)

For those who practice dutasteride mesotherapy, what do you think of this? How do you manage the distribution of doses?

I admit that doing one dose per week seems like a lot to me because it risks attacking the scalp, right?

I think (perhaps wrongly...) that doing a mesotherapy session for example once a month should not have a negative impact on the scalp for a future transplant whereas once a week it should be more dangerous, right?

Thanks you !


NB : Concerning Anagenica, the dutasteride product cannot be injected - some have tried and got a lot of sides effect... The product they sell is only for microneedle not for injection : 


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Minoxidil : 5% topical 1ml/day
Follicular androgen receptor inhibitor : {Fluridil + CosmeRNA}
Exosome Mesotherapy 1mm (See here for explanations & results) : ASCE+ HRLV AAPE for Hair secretomes + human Umbilical Chord Exosomes

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