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can you get bumps / uneven recipient surface after hair transplant if you're prone to scarring?

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hi all,

are bumps like shown below always surgical error? or could a patient who is prone to scarring also be prone to them from hair transplant?

surgeon says the patient whose result is shown here was very prone to keloids which is why he got these bumps after the procedure. But I've read cobblestoning (if what's shown below is cobblestoning) is always surgical error so i wanted to check.


what about general scarring like this as shown below? recipient area does not look smooth.. is this dependent on patient skin type or surgical error? 



thank you! 




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Bro you can get bumps and other traumatic skin issues whether you are prone to scarring or not.

Hair transplants are fairly traumatic to your scalp. Combine that with a poor surgeon and no amount of god tier skin genetics will protect you lol

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