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Is the following a common approach??   That is:   Have "repair" work only- done to my scalp:  For example fill in my FUT scars with transplants.  And, sort of smooth out other imperfections in my scalp (from previous HT surgeries).  Then, have long term goal of a Buzz haircut? (not shaved).  Are most guys who do this pleased long term?



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can you describe your HT history more?

it looks like your 1st HT (have you only had 1???) was little to no yield

It looks like you are a Nw 6 or 7 and it honestly may not make sense to continue with HTs. I wonder what the goal was in the 1st place with such advanced hairloss

Especially if at most you are seeking a buzzcut look

Perhaps you are a great use case for SMP, not sure

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