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Dr. Cam Simmons - 21 months after 1 session of 2516 fug to forelock and right part for a Ludwig 2 woman. Video added on July 30.

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This lady had gradual hair loss throughout the front and top of her scalp but had a bit denser hair in her hairline, as is common in female pattern hair loss. Her miniaturizing hair on top would not grow as long as she would like. She wore her hair short and parted above her right eye and her hair predictably looked thinnest in the front and where it was parted. She had brown, salt-and-pepper, slightly wavy, average diameter hair.


Her hair transplant was designed to look best with her right part. The grafts were dense-packed in her midfrontal forelock and along the front of her part and blended outward into her existing hair. She had a single-layer, trichophytic top-edge closure. (I now typically do a single-layer, trichophytic lower ledge closure with routine undermining.)


She switched to a left part before having her hair transplant and wore it afterward to help hide her hair transplant and any shock loss. She also started Minoxidil. After about 6 months, she switched back to a right part. She continues to wear her hair parted above her right eye but is growing her hair out longer.


















Cam Simmons MD ABHRS

Seager Medical Group,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Dr. Cam Simmons is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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