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How to do research

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Hey everyone, how do I start researching about hair transplant options? I've found some recommendations here and its great but what else can I do to thoroughly look at every option?

Is the best option to read online reviews and reach out to doctors individually? What would you have done in the beginning


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I think the best approach is to read reviews every day. Even if its just 5 minutes or you look at a handful of reviews. The more you read the more youll learn. Ideally you aren't trying to rush it so can follow this process for weeks/ months. 

When you see a doctor you like for their work/ price/ logistics etc reach out to them. Some of them have long waiting lists so get that process started. And search the internet for all reviews you can find from them. 

But also don't fall in love with the first doctor you like. Keep reading reviews.  Try and get to a shortlist of at least a few before you commit. Even if you like one doctor, the review of a doctor that suits you even better could be right around the corner. 

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I'd like to explain how surgery is approached

—> As a first step, you should address the underlying cause of your hair loss...even if you undergo surgery, if your hair loss continues, then you will be in the same state again soon...surgery won't solve your hair loss problem...

It is therefore important to consult a good doctor who is more familiar with hair loss and begin medication. This can stabilize, slow down, or reverse your hair loss...this is the key to a successful outcome...to reap the benefits of medication, you need to take it religiously for the full 12 months and then reassess your situation and plan accordingly.

—>In addition to taking medication, you should also educate yourself. You can use this 12 month period to research more about hair transplant surgery, learn more about the whole process, and understand the nuances. Research good doctors around the world and shortlist around 4-5 doctors based on your findings, and then consult all of them to determine who best fits your needs and expectations.

Taking all of the above things into account will pave the way for a successful surgery.

I hope this helps you ...best of luck

Check Out My Hair Transplant Journey

--> My Thread

3611 FUE Grafts With Dr Kongkiat Laorwong | Norwood 5 | 2nd May 2023 




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