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Dr. Turan - FUECAPILAR Clinic, NW III, 2468 grafts

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Hi Everyone,

we would like to present below a case of a patient with a Norwood III. You can find below the details of the surgery.

Patient Details 

Surgical Plan: Hairline reconstruction, density increase in the frontal and fronto-temporal area. During the consultation the patient also show some thinning in the mid scalp and upper vertex which were also addressed in this surgery. The surgery was performed in one day with 2 sessions of extraction and implantation 

Patient´s age: 26 years old. The patient was using finasteride prior to the surgery.

Hair Type: caucasian, brown and average hair thickness

Number of Grafts Implanted: 2468 grafts, 230 grafts were implanted in the mid scalp, 40 grafts in the upper vertex and the rest of the grafts were implanted in the hairline and frontal area.

0.85mm manual  punch wes used for the extraction.

Grafts Breakdown 

1s: 570

2s: 1114

3s: 618

4s: 166

Overall hair/graft ratio: 2.16












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Jose Navarrete
email: myhair@fuecapilar.com
Tlf/whatsapp: +90 542 250 0909

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