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Post operation query - keeping recipient area moist or dry?

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Hi, i wonder if anyone could answer my query, i had a 3500 grafts transplanted 3 days ago in Istanbul with Dr Yaman, i was advised only to use the saline when the recipient area become itchy by the nurse. Note: I had my first hairwash at the clicnic the following day after the op. Today is the 3rd day, im yet to use the saline. When i did some reseach last night i have seen a lot doctors mentioned to keep the recipient area moist to speed up the healing process, some said use the saline spray every 30mins whereas some mentioned every 2hrs...this is totally against the advice given by my clicnic, i am quite confused, i will contact the clicnic but would be good if anyone would shed some light on this matter, thanks.

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From my knowledge It is used so that you don't get any infection and your scalp remains clean and moist..generally people get dry scalp and feels itchy so it is advised to use the saline spray...if you didn't use it than its fine....it doesn't affect your result...you can start using it now...not a big deal..

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