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Eugenix - Booked my procedure for Oct 3-4


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I would like to start by thanking Melvin, Forum Admins and other members for this amazing forum and wealth of information. 

My story, I started noticing thinning of my crown about 15 years ago and it has progressed slowly. I am in my late 40's and live in Los Angeles. I started to think about HT couple of years ago and for some reason wasn't fully convinced. I seriously started researching since last 4-5 months and was considering Turkey and Mexico as some options. Thanks to this forum, I decided to go with Eugenix. I contacted them thru whatsapp, Amandeep connected with me and provided answers to many questions I had. Mohit is my contact now and he is doing a great job assisting me with the next steps. I sent my pics and was provided an initial graft estimate (photo attached).  I also had a video chat with Dr. Arika, it went really well and boosted my confidence, at this point I was ready to book. 

Few days later I learnt Dr. Pradeep was visiting LA and had the opportunity to meet him in person and consult. He was down to earth, passionate about his work and genuinely wanted to help. He suggested that I should do the temples as well. We had great conversation, he mentioned he was going to meet Melvin on that day and invited me to join. Unfortunately I couldn't as I had some prior engagement. A couple of weeks later, I booked my flight and booked the appointment by paying the initial deposit. 

I am planning to fly from LA on Oct 1st and have my procedure scheduled on 3rd and 4th. I am going with Exclusive package, I would need about 3800-4000 grafts. 

I would appreciate,

1. Any travel advise, especially the return journey

2. crown specific HT experience, what to expect

3. Should I ask for more grafts for my crown to achieve good density? I was told that I have good donor and they don't need grafts from beard. 






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