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Looking for some estimates

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Hey guys!

I’m currently in my late 20’s and have been dealing with hairloss for a while. First signs were there in my late teens even, but the Progression was really slow and my hair still looked great for a long time. 
Around my early 20’a is when it actually started to bug me. My hairloss is only really an issue in the front. But that is of course the area that frames the face. With unfortunate wind or lightning my hair goes from looking ok to looking terrible. 

I’ve been looking into a transplant as a result. My “dream” would be to have the temples filled in a bit (to like NW2) and have the center filled in a bit, so that I can stop being surprised at how I look in pictures taken in the sun😅. I don’t really want or need a “perfect” hairline. Just something that’s easier to manage. 

As far as my treatment history:

I started of with just topical minoxidil at first. I hated it and stopped after a few months though. Since I wear my hair a bit longer on top it was a PITA to actually get it to the scalp instead of the hair. And either way it would make my hair look absolutely terrible (both foam and liquid). 

At about 24 or so I started taking Finasteride. I kept thinning for a bit, but I haven’t noticed any further thinning in 3-4 years now. I don’t see any reason to ever get off fin. It works and I have no side effects.

The last thing I wanted to try before a hair transplant was oral minox. I’ve been on it for half a year at this point. (1.25mg for 3 months, then upped it to 2.5mg) I haven’t had any side effects from it. But I haven’t had any side effects, but I haven’t had a positive impact on my hair either. With how hard it is to get in my country (prescription basically impossible, import unreliable and scetchy) I’ll probably stop once I run out. 

I’ve attached some pictures of my hair below. 
Different angles with the hair pulled back, and how it looks with unfortunate lighting and after some abuse. 
How many grafts would you guess do I’ll need for what I want? I’ll use that to judge how much I’d need to save up to get a surgeon I feel confident about. 







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6 minutes ago, Calihome1 said:


That is less than I had feared. If 2k can actually get me a good result getting the money for a Someone like Bisanga together actually seems doable. 

I was thinking it’d be closer to 3k. Which would just get to be too expensive. 


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For a thick NW1 hairline, you could do with 3-3.2K grafts. You are also considered an 'easy' case, so you may also want to look at clinics in Turkey that'll free up your budget whilst delivering a very good result. Keep in mind, as you are quite young still, your hair loss may progress more in the future (albeit very slowly as fin seems to be working for you) and you might need another couple of procedures to maintain the appearance of a full head of hair. Either way, looking good, if you go in now, you have high chances of obtaining a very solid result. 

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