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Changes - From Topical Minoxidil to Oral Minoxidil, Add Dutasteride with Finasteride


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After expressing my concerns of persistent hair loss while on Finasteride and topical Rogaine with my dermatologist, he gave me a prescription for oral Minoxidil (1.25mg to start) and Dutasteride once or twice/week (he left the frequency preference up to me), while also prescribing 2% ketoconazole shampoo.  I've been shedding hair rapidly for the last 6 months prior to taking any of these new products and after 1 month, nothing has changed, still shedding alot.  I haven't discontinued the topical minoxidil yet only because I feel as though the 1.25mg oral dose is low.  Should I keep applying topical once/day until I move up to 2.5mg of oral Minoxidil or discontinue the topical immediately?  Regarding oral Minoxidil, he did mention that after 30-60-90 days, I likely would need the 2.5mg dose if I didn't notice any changes and didn't have side effects.  I'm curious what others experience has been on oral Min, good or bad and at what doses.  Regarding Dutasteride every 3 days, is it still recommended to continue taking Finasteride on the other days of the week that I don't take Dutasteride?  Or is the Dutasteride enough on its own where I should discontinue Finasteride all together?  

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