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PRP timing and frequency post transplant

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I am now exactly one month post DHI hair transplant. The question is when would be the best time to start PRP? and how frequently?? My doctor advised to wait and start at the two month marker, but I do not see how starting now would cause any harm. I would appreciate your input on this. 

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So, I have looked up a lot of the research. I learned that from after having a HT your body already has the trauma that was done to it that would benefit from PRP. Although, injecting PRP after a hair transplant or putting PRP in solution with your hair follicles can help. As to the efficacy of how much it will benefit its case by case. (injecting PRP adds concentrated Plasma and other growth hormones that provides additional nutrients [thing is how much does your body actually need and how much does it actually take in] that gets into the dermis)

I wont get into details but I found that PRP helps people when they are early on in their hair loss (the most). It doesn't stop hair loss it only slows it down and helps to regrow some hair. Most cases people have miniaturized hairs become thicker which gives a more fuller/denser look. However, as you age the efficacy of results yielded were lower. It also showed that those who took PRP already took medications (minox, fin, dut, etc).

As for the frequency, I see most PRP, administration into the scalp, injections as a set of 3-4. With 1 month intervals for first 3 months. Then administering the 4th injection 6 months apart, with a biannual touch up.

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