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Did anyone see a major improvement in growth etc from months 9 to say 12?

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The reality is most of your result is already visible at 6 months.

After the 6 month mark you shouldn't expect any miracle. Most of the growth has already happened. 

It can still thicken up and "mature" a little bit until month 12 so yes density can marginally improve between month 6 and month 12. But the improvement is generally subtle and mostly in hair pigment and thickness. 

People often refer to the common misconception that at 6 months you have 50% of growth and 100% at 12 months. 

The reality is 80-90% at 5-6 months and 10-20% at 8-12 months. 

There are very rare cases of delayed growth aka late bloomers.  I've seen it. It does exist but they are really exceptionnal. 

Dr. José Lorenzo mentions in his practice around 75% of patient get most of their result by month 5. He has documented cases showing it. He's got tons of videos showing results at 5 months and at 10 months. There is generally very little difference. 

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It depends. If it's crown work, yeah it'll grow plenty in that time. I think the frontal less so.

That said, I do think the marginal improvements around months 9 - 12 can add quite a bit in terms of appearance. I really wouldn't judge a transplant until month 8 imo. It's usually clear by then from the stuff I see on here.

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