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Shedding or MPB progressing?


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Hi, I'm 22 year old who had 1500 graft hair transplant about a year ago. I started using topical (0.5mg in 1ml) fin + min 5% few weeks before the HT. I have been NW2.5 since I was 16 but it always looked good because my hair was really thick and dense. I started noticing about 3 years ago that I'm losing density, but unfortunately didn't do anything about it. My HT turned out good, but I should have gone for more grafts because it looks thin. About 5 months into min and fin, I noticed huge improvement in hair thickness/quality. I figured I could switch to oral min and fin because It was cheaper. Then I switched to oral min(2.5mg) and oral fin(1.25mg) about 4 months ago and now my hair is falling rapidly and I'm losing small and big hairs and it looks so bad. I'm considering switching to dut as I never had sides with fin or min. What's your opinion? switching to dut ? adding RU to my regime? Pictures from 27/12/21 and 25/4/22





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