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Recovering from a potential infection - am I screwed?


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Hi everyone! Hoping for some help on my situation and curious whether anyone has encountered a similar situation as mine. 

I had a hair transplant back in September of this year with a very reputable surgeon (whose name I am not comfortable sharing right now, but will). Things seemed to be going well until week 2, after my antibiotics were done, and I had severe skin inflammation and what I believe was an infection. Of course, I notified that doctor who performed the surgery, but they told me that it appeared like really bad inflammation versus an infection per se. They took a series of actions to heal the skin, including a topical steroid as well as injectable steroid (kenalog). 

Now, almost four months later, my hair is mostly growing out great! I am very happy with the results generally, except or the areas where that inflammation had occurred. As you can see from my attached photos, there are two very visible gaps and patches where that inflammation was prevalent. Now, I am not completely freaking out just yet since I am not even 4 months post op, but I think we can all agree this is a bit concerning given how well the rest of the hair has grown in. And I know that a lot of this will mean just having to wait and see how things go.

So, this is not a jab at the doctor at all, because they have been incredibly helpful and responsive and even played through the scenario for me if no hair grows from this area (and they are very accommodating!). But, I am curious, do you all think I should be worried just yet? My thoughts are as follows: 

1. That skin could legitimately be taking longer to heal. If that is the case, the hair will also not sprout as soon since the skin is healing, and I need to wait it out a few more months to see whether that is the case. I don't think all hope is lost, just yet, since there are in fact at least some hairs sprouting from that area (very little stubble, very thin strands). 

2. Those areas could be damaged, which means no hair will grow. Has anyone experienced something similar to this, and will infections always cause this sort of outcome? The skin seems almost scarred, but I don't think it has, technically speaking...?

3. Any potential topicals that you would recommend for this? I have been using aloe vera, Mederma, Vitamin E Oil, and CeraVe petrolatum to heal the skin faster. If there is anything else you would suggest, let me know. 

I am speaking with a (separate) hair transplant doctor on Monday to get their thoughts on the skin and see what they think. Will report back what they say too. 

Thanks to anyone who can offer any insight and for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate it.






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