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Question and discussion regarding Topical finasteride use and Minoxidil

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Hey Guys

My question is regarding The use of Topical Finasteride and Minoxidil- its efficacy from people that are applying it/using it or applying it in the past. I personally started using 5% minoxidil around the late summer time, i thought to  myself its better to be proactive instead of procrastinating, I was skeptical of something that you can purchase over the counter for along time. I also was searching for topical finasteride at the time as well  but did not know how to obtain it. Now I have have 1% finasteride + %5 minoxidil topical combination. Ive been using it for about three months , I had gel form and now a liquid form.  I can say that so far I have not seen any results, I know that it might take more time -maybe 6 months to a year to give any kind of feedback.I was told by an Italian Dr. briefly that results should be seen at about 6 months. I also started to micro dose  oral finasteride 2.5 , I try to cut 1ml into quarters, it might be a disservice to myself, but I wanted to be proactive instead of waiting around. the logic behind it as in case that the topical is not being absorbed or working I can reduce the dht levels without  experiencing the side effects.

Does anybody here have any experience /use with topical Finasteride and can give feedback? with or without minoxidil

 Doe Anybody here use topical Dutasteride?

would love your input and experience on this topic/discussion



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