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please Help I’m very new to all this and would really appreciate if someone can help answer some questions/concerns

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Hi I just signed up and am new to this so please understand if I have some newbie questions:) ,I just got on propicia,I spoke with a few doctors here in the states,dr Jeffery wise wanted 18000 $ for 3000 grafts fue and dr Jeff Ross wanted 15 thousand,Dr wise asked me for pics( seeing my hair loss and other photos it seems to me that I definitely need at least 4000-4500 grafts) so I’m not sure why he said 3000, but when I spoke with dr Jeff Ross he didn’t even ask me for pictures he just told me to explain my hair loss and that he recommended futand that he’d do it for 15 grand...... I’m extremely confused this is so new to me,I would happily spend 18 grand if I knew it would get me what it seems like I can get for 3000 in places like turkey India ..... and I also have an open ticket to turkey for this year,but I can’t really decide if it makes sense to Travle as I’ll probably want to follow up with the dr’s and the longest I’d be able to stay there,would be maybe 10 days.... I know it’s sporadic writing, but I’ve literally been getting dizzy from the amount of research I’ve done the last week trying to figure out what to do... if anyone can please help me I’d really really appreciate it!!!   (Again one of my main concerns is that I am almost 1000% sure I’m going to need close to 4500-5000 grafts) I have good density on the sides and the back but I have basically very little hair on the front of my head,any hair seen is growing from the back middle area and brushed to the front....  paying more then 18 grand at the moment I can’t see happening does it make any sense that 4500-5000 grafts should cost more then 18 thousand in the usa- I live in NJ but I’d Travle to NY or anywhere in between any advice please would really really be appreciated thank you so much!  :)))))


oh I am a 33 yo male good health (besides sleep and that’s probably speeding up hair loss) but other then that I am in good shape....

thank you again!! 

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