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Considering HT

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Hi all, firstly thank you all for your knowledge and kindness I've seen on this forum. It's been brilliant to have a resource like this. 

I'm at the stage where I know I'll need a transplant in the next 1-3 years. My temples badly recessed in my twenties and my crown is starting to thin out. I've jumped on Fin/Min six months ago. Can't tell for sure if they've made a difference. Crown maybe slightly better, but I think the hair line/temples are too far gone to have any impact by medication. I'm 34 BTW so I don't think I'll see dramatic results from the meds like people can in their 20's.

The question I have is would you give meds another 18 months before booking transplant or go for it sooner? I have super fine hair which is a bit annoying, but I'd be aiming for a lower hair like and filled in crown in one session. 

I'm in the UK, so looking at Bicer/Fuecapillar/Demisoy in Turkey. Buying a house in the next year so I don't want to spend huge amounts and theirs results seem decent enough for me. 

Thanks always for all your help and guidance. 










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4 minutes ago, JC71 said:

Give the meds another 6 months at least. Your hair looks pretty good to me ! Please show the crown though and donor area 🙏

I think I've got decent density other than the recession and crown, but it is very fine. I'm sure we're all guilty of thinking out hair loss is worse than it is!


Yeah I certainly will. 





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