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From NeoGraft to FUE: Experiences and Woes


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Hello all—brand new to the forum. A little about my experiences:

Eight years ago, I decided to go through with transplant surgery. After much research, I chose NeoGraft. Like most, I was looking for a more “modern” procedure that would not leave deep scaring. After finding a surgeon in Washington DC, I pulled the trigger.

The experience of NeoGraft was a good one. It was essentially painless (although I was given a Valium). The extraction portion of the procedure was performed with doctors from other clinics observing, so I was even more confident that my particular surgeon was both qualified and skilled. At this point, everything looked favorable.

During the actual transplant portion however, my surgeon was nowhere to be found.  His assistants were responsible for the transplant. This was a bit concerning to me. When I asked the surgeon why he was not performing the actual transplant (which I assumed was by default the most important step), he said that his assistants were "all trained" and that there was "nothing to worry about".

10 thousand dollars and 2 years later, almost none of the transplanted follicles remained. Almost all had fallen out. This is despite the facts that I was meticulous (even obsessive) about following all post-surgery procedures. When I attempted to call my surgeon with my concerns, I was told he had left the company.

Needless to say, I was deflated at this point. I had spent 10 grand without any real results. After the initial sting, I buckled down and decided to try again. After all, losing my hair was not an option for me and I was convinced I just needed to find the right surgeon.

I therefore visited three different surgeons and asked about my options. I chose each surgeon based upon their expertise with baldness patterns similar to mine and asked to see actual results. After thorough consultation, two surgeons recommended FUE. One of those surgeons even claimed it was the “tried-and-true” method. The third surgeon in Virginia told me that that the surgery would “be too difficult” because of the “spacing” of my follicles and recommended that I resort to synthetic fibers. This was a bit baffling since two other surgeons did not voice any concerns whatsoever about my case being overly complicated or difficult. Additionally (as I mentioned), I viewed cases from each surgeon that were almost identical to mine. My suspicion was that he thought my particular case was not worth his time/efforts considering what he could charge. Very poor experience overall.

I eventually went with a well-known surgeon in Chevy Chase MD. He recommended 1800. grafts via the FUE method. The surgery was a bit painful, but nothing that I could not manage. To my horror, however, I noticed that after extraction, the surgeon tagged his assistants with actual transplantation. This was despite the fact that he assured me that he would be performing this portion of the procedure. When I pointed this out to him, he apologized and told me he was “double booked” He also assured me that his assistants were skilled.

Another 10 thousand dollars and 2 years later and the results were not what I expected. Although the follicles did take root (almost none fell out), they were not properly spaced over the top of the head where my hair loss is most prevalent. Essentially, he did not target the areas where I needed it most. Again, when I called my surgeon to schedule an appointment to voice my concerns, I was told he was no longer at the company.

It has been over 4 years since I have considered my options. To be honest, I once again feel deflated. As you can see in the pictures below, I am still struggling with this nuisance. I now also have a scar, which means I no longer have the option to cut my hair short.

Any others here have similar experiences? Any recommendations? Has anyone had a hair loss pattern similar to mine that was effectively remedied? I appreciate everyone’s input and time.



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Please can you post some clearer pics ? With no product in and with dry hair. We need to see more pre and post op from your experiences so far. 
Sorry that so far you have not got good results and have had Drs delegate the work to the nurses/techs. 
We can definitely help you chose a Dr who will actually be involved in the surgery ! 

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Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. I have attached two pictures with dry hair/no product. Also, I am unsure of the amount of grafts from my first procedure, but the exact total for the second was 1871.



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