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Donor Shock Loss or Alopecia post FUE

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Hi All, I have had 3500 grafts fue surgery. I am experiencing what i believe may be shock loss in the donor area which started 12 days after surgery. Initially the hair in the donor area started to grow and then after 12 days started falling on both sides, see pics

My surgeon believes its either alopecia or less likely to be fungus.

He has given me some steroid injections which will be weekly to reverse alopecia, and also prescribed 5000mg biotin once aday for 2 months, minoxydil spray twice a day for 6 months and terbisil tablets once a day for 21 days.

Now it would be great to get some 2nd opinions on this. Another guy who works at the surgery said hes seen this twice before and its nothing to worry about, it does resolve given some time.


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