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I'm a pretty avid exerciser, and I see that for both FUT and FUE, one of the rules is no exercise, like a month for FUT and 2 weeks for FUE. My question is how come? What is it about exercise that negatively affects a HT? Is it the affect it has on your blood flow? Is it because of the sweat?

In my particular case, where I am looking into FUE specifically, is it okay to resume intense exercise on day 15? Or would it be better to start slowly and work gradually back up to my full exercise routine?

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You should start slowly and gradually work you way up to your full routine. The issue is primarily stretching the scar from a strip procedure. Even with FUE, you have micro-scars. 

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My advice does not constitute a patient-physician relationship nor as medical advice and all medical questions/concerns should be addressed to your medical provider. 

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