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Hair loss advice please..


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I am a 25 year old diffuse thinner, with my crown bothering me the most.

when I slick my hair back it can hide the thinning but not really. I took photos and sent them to hasson and Wong, but they asked me to take finasteride for a year to stabilize before any talk of surgery.

unfortunately I now have side effects from finasteride for taking it at a extremely low dose of .25mg for two weeks. It’s been 3 weeks and my erections aren’t fully recovered

Hasson offered me topical finasteride but my sexual side effects haven’t subsided so I am reluctant.

what hair loss regimes would you boys recommend..?

I really want a transplant, and I can’t take medication so I’m not sure where to go from here. I really wanted to go with Hasson and Wong. Bicer was willing to take me, but I would like to do turkey as a worst case scenario.


thank you boys for reading.

Photos posted..



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DHT blockers like you mentioned - finasteride are the ones to tackle the roots of the problem. But since they seems not to be suitable for you, should probably try the combination of other treatments have shown to help, at least to some extent.


Consider minoxidil twice daily

Microneedling - few times a week with needles of up to 0.5mm, once a month with needles of 1.5mm

Low level laser therapy - quite expensive to buy a device but it is a one time purchase after all

Since you describe your hair loss as diffuse thinning, you might take look here: https://hairverse.com/diffuse-hair-loss/ might find some useful info.

Anyways, don't take my advice as a routine you should follow, those are just hints derived from my own experience. You should do further research, and even better, after that visit a dermatologist (preferably with trichology training).


Good luck

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