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Hello, I am considering a hair transplant along the dashed lines in the last photo. These pictures are how my hair looks at different lengths. My hairline has not changed throughout any of the photos, and I am confident it will not recede further as my father and grandfather both have the same hairline. I am looking for advice on if I would be a good candidate for a procedure or not. Also the expected costs and recovery time (how long would I not want to show my hairline in public after the procedure) and which kind of transplant I should try. I tried minoxidil, and i was not able to regrow hair along the front of my hairline which is the only place I need it. I also do not want to take any minoxidil or fin on a regular basis. I am interested in FUE but have been reading about different types of FUE (manual or otherwise) and am very confused if there is a specific type I should require? I have not had any consultations with any surgeons yet, but I would also like to hear recommended surgeons in or near Michigan. Thanks for any input





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Thanks for sharing these pictures. It's very helpful. What's your age? Hair loss is unpredictable so I strongly suggest you get on finasteride and minoxidil. 

Here is the list of recommended surgeons:


Please feel free to reach out anytime 

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My advice does not constitute a patient-physician relationship nor as medical advice and all medical questions/concerns should be addressed to your medical provider. 

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@kurv Do you have an update? Did you find a doctor and proceed with a transplant?

My two cents - There are no suitable HT doctors in MI. The closest would be in Chicago. 

FUE 2400 Grafts (2023) - Dr. Panine; Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic

FUT 1400 Grafts (2019) - Dr. Steven Paul Holt; Holt Hair Restoration/Bella

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