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Dr. Luis Nader - opinions/reviews?


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Hey y’all, long time lurker.

Being a Southern California resident without the budget for SoCal surgeons, I’ve been looking outside of the country for a possible future operation. While I’m willing to travel, Dr. Nader stood out due to a combination of positive reviews and relatively close location.

After doing a deep dive on these forums looking at posts regarding his work, I’d say Im pretty confident in his work, however I do have a couple of concerns. One being density - a few of the transplants I’ve seen have been fairly sparse at the front, and as a younger male that is a less than desirable outcome for me. Im okay with the idea of “touch up” work in the future, but I’d rather my surgery not look incomplete if that makes any sense.

Second, a lot of the posts on his work here don’t get updated with with results around the 12 month mark. While that could simply mean that people just didn’t feel the need to come back here to update us a year later, it’s something I feel a little concerned about, as I would like to see how the “finished” results of a surgeons work look like before I decide on them.

Does anyone here have any input on this? Preferably people who have worked with Dr. Nader, but if you’re familiar with his work that would be great as well.

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